Below is a step by step guide through the production of the piece.

Day One (13th of June 2006)
The first I knew of the piece was when Rob emailed me these first two pictures!
I was blown away that he even thought about doing something like this because I'd not even considered anything like this being possible

Day Two (14th of June 2006
I then got a day by day update, here it is with head and front arm added

Day Three (15th of June 2006)
Ridge spines added and second front limb added

Day Four (16th of June 2006)
More detail added to tail with more ridge spines and other detailing and both rear legs added 

 Day Five (19th of June 2006)
Very productive day,  wings sculpted and scales added to front of piece

Day Six (20th of June 2006)
Fine detail added to feet and face plus scales added to rear of piece

Day Seven (21st of June 2006)
The piece was finished but Rob wouldn't send me photos and had to wait until I visited Rob on the 23rd of June


Probably the oddest thing about the design of the piece is that back in 2001 I started work on a logo of my own but I gave up very early on, my design consisted of an oval with The Sorcerers Library wrote in the middle with a dragon curled around the oval, a year later I added a very rough pair of wings but then I left it because the long neck was out of proportion (far too long) and I forgot all about it until Rob sent me the first pictures of his design! It's uncanny how closely the basic idea resembled mine, mine just faces the other way, and obviously Rob's is much better.
Below is my unfinished attempt from 2001. By flipping the picture you can see better.