Newsletter 3.0 first published 17.01.01

Curator's Comment
Well, it seems the first year has flown by. What with all the worldly locales Dr.Soloman has visited, it's a wonder we are all in one piece! I am somewhat pleased to be back in the office after the chills of Canada and the hot summer I spent helping Rex explore those dank German caves. Most Fantastic of all was of course the discovery of Draco-Ignuis, the Fire Dragon! But more on him in my next correspondence.
Never could I have believed we would have had such success. Finding so many reptilian lairs over the course of these months I must say has rather gone to Mr Soloman's head. He acts quite unsurprized when we enter a new cave to see for the first time a new specie preserved immortally before us! Although I rather suspect he is as brimming with excitement as I have been since helping him in Germany last year. Is there no end to the hidden mysteries awaiting us around the corner?!
Keep your leads coming in, I am now giving the familiar heaps on my desk some much needed attention and hope to perhaps get some time in the field come the good weather.

Highest regards, my friends,

Dr. S. T. George


Dr. Rex's Latest Update.
So my dear fossil fanatics, there we were, Simon and I stood on those forested slopes. The sunlight warming our dusty jackets as we sipped hot tea. Before us on the camp table lay dozens of oval stones, in fact, fossil dragon eggs! We had found many in the numerous depressions in the mountainside, but what we really wanted was to find a cave. Dr. Tempest George was discussing the merits of ultrasonic analysis, as the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs wafted the morning air from just a few yards away where Mustafar was cooking our breakfast.
The smell was indeed quite delicious, unfortunately this meal was going to another! The first we knew of the thief, was when the great brown hairy mass jogged out of the trees, upsetting our table of eggs, sending them tumbling down the slope and bowled past us towards our breakfast.
BEAR! 'screamed Mustafar.'
BEARRRRrrrrr! 'screamed Simon.
But by this time I was in the tent loading my Enfield rifle. 'Slok' went the bolt and I ducked out of the tent to find the camp empty of friendlies. I stared at the massive, hungry looking brown bear, as scrambled egg dripped from his lips... He looked at me. I raised the rifle to my shoulder, aiming a warning shot over the great beast and fired!
The shot rang out, echoing around the valley, the sharp retort did indeed scare the bear, but not as I had intended. He charged!
I had rather carelessly it was later mentioned, only loaded one round, so I did as many of the great hero's do when faced with impossible odds, ran like hell!
I had not taken two steps when an almighty crashing took place behind me. I turned to see no bear, just a large hole in the ground. 'By Jove, quick everyone', I shouted, ' the old bear hasn't just gone and found us our cave!'


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