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Full archive of updates from 2012

April 22nd 2012

(Enchantica section) - Photos added of EN2032 Ogrod in green & is thought to be the 1996 auction piece, Lot No. 62

I've put the photos in the auction page & the repaints/artist proof page

April 24th 2012

(Collectors Profiles Section) - New collectors profile added, this one is the part of the collection owned by Russ Stadler

April 25th 2012

(Enchantica section) - I've revamped the Enchantica Shirt page, The main reason for the update is because I was sent photos of a shirt I'd not seen before by collector Russ Stadler. It is thought that this shirt was either a tour shirt produced for when Andrew Bill did a tour of the United States in 1998 or it was a locally produced shirt by one of the shops/retailers he visited on the tour! to view the T-Shirt, click the link above and scroll to the bottom of that page

I also wanted to put new larger photos up to replace the ones that are already up, but I can't find my original photos, so I will have to retake them when I get a bit of time. I also have a 'Guardian of the Orb' T-Shirt to add to the page when I take photos of it.

April 26th 2012

(Hap Henriksen - Wizards, Jesters & Dragons) - New photos of Senzordore wall plaque added, photos taken by Trevor Eagle (cropped and adjusted by me)

These photos replace the official photo i had up

September 13th 2012

Just updated the contact details for Mike Merry Restorations

October 4th 2012

(Dragons from British Folklore Section) - Exciting exclusive news, the second piece in this range the 'Henham Serpent' which Andrew announced recently in his newsletter can now be viewed for the first time ever.

More information regarding pricing & sizes etc... will be added soon

October 5th 2012

(Andrew Bill Specials Page Section) - I've added a new mini section to this part of the page, I've added a page for pieces sculpted by Andrew that aren't limited editions, these are for things like event pieces etc... HERE

The first piece in the mini section is the 12.12.12 plaque, this page just has photos of the unfinished wax and of the artwork. photos of the finished piece will be added as soon as possible

October 5th 2012
(Second Update)

Page added to advertise the 12.12.12 event added
Click the image below

October 6th 2012

John James Woodward added to the guest list for the 12.12.12 event

November 15th 2012

(Andrew Bill Specials Page Section) - I've added a photo of the first painted 12.12.12 plaque, this was painted by Andrew Bill himself

November 23rd 2012

(Andrew Bill Specials Page Section) - I've added a page for the 12.12.12 Event piece 'Ready to Fly' This piece is only available on the day of the event and only from the event. I will post bigger pictures on this page as soon as possible.

I Have also added size/price/order details for the 12.12.12 plaque

I've also updated the 12.12.12 event page with details of other confirmed guests

November 24th 2012

(Dragons from British Folklore Section) - I've added 7 more photos of the 'Henham Serpent' so that you can see it from other angles and in more detail. I've also added the size details and a link to order the piece

More photos of the Master and an unpainted white will be added soon

November 28th 2012

(Andrew Bill Specials Page Section) - I've added three larger photos of the 12.12.12 Event piece 'Ready to Fly' These were taken and kindly supplied by Andrew Bill, I will replace these with my own after the event

December 2nd 2012

Talented Fantasy Artist Tamara Newman will be attending the 12.12.12 event with her artwork ( ) You will be able to see (and purchase) her Element dragons in the form of the Dracogram and the first of five of the individual Elements 'Ignis' (both of which i bought prints of yesterday at the Pendle Yule Faery Fayre ) as well as her other art


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